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Leora Honeyman was born into an artistically influential Zimbabwean family. With both parents practicing artists, she was made familiar with her own creativity as well as the practices and mediums of her parents from an early age.

On leaving school her wish to reach a wide audience through her work led her to pursue a creative career within the realms of the music and events industry where she built a business making playful and intentional environments and sets, exhibiting and touring nationally and internationally from 1991 - 2000.

During this time she also worked as a creative facilitator and an artist in residence.

Working on the development of spacial interventions led to an interest in experiential architecture and to study a degree in Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton (2000-2003) where, after her studies, she returned to teach alongside working in practice and becoming lead design architect and project manager for her firm (2003-2007), before stepping back in order to raise a family.

Whilst raising her son, she has primarily focused on smaller more intimate projects and the development of her interest in post colonial cultural cross pollination within art and design practice, nevertheless producing two international tour sets, a sell out solo exhibition of paintings and several light installations as well as more recently finding a passionate interest in hand-built, wild crafted ceramic works which are a practical exploration of her theoretical interests.

Her work is generally sought after and is held in private collections across the world often selling before exhibition and her sets have been installed widely from Glastonbury Festival to the Royal Albert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl and many places in between.

Visits to her East Sussex Studio for viewings are welcomed by appointment.

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