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Manifesto (after Marina Abramovich):

Art should:

The art work should
strike awe into move the witness.
The more deeply the better.

The artist IS permitted to
should use ideas generated by other artists so long as she: acknowledges, credits AND noteably furthers the origin.

Art should
the soul to experience transcendence.

Art is love.

Art should remind us of who we are.
Art should make us whole or lead us to wholeness.

Art is not insipid, half arsed or compromised.

The artist does not need to be appropriate.
(Appropriacy is a cage for the soul)

True art is deliberate; it liberates - the soul, mind, society.

The true artist is conscious, aware, resolved.
(In order that they do not use the witness as a low level process tool...)

The artist should engage their entire being to formulate a sophisticated response to the world and the questions it raises.

Art does not exist in a vacuum.
The artist MUST relate.
Art IS relationship.

It is not enough to paint the dreams of the ego - the artist should articulate a solution; a betterment; a response.
The artist SHOULD fall in love with (the) other artists.

Art is sophisticated aesthetic dialogue.
Art is love,
Above all, the art is love.